Vision Systems is taking machine vision into extreme conditions.

“Jotel combines the insights of product development and production engineers.”

Vision Systems Oy is a supplier of optical measurement and machine vision solutions, trusted wherever the conditions are extremely challenging – from the searing heat of a foundry to -40°C in Lapland. For assembly expertise, the company relies on the quality of Jotel Ltd’s services.

Vision Systems’ customer base consists of major industrial companies and device and machine manufacturers in various sectors. The company has been operating for more than 30 years, and it is one of the leading players in its field in Finland. “We have supplied more than 2,800 machine vision systems and optoelectronic solutions around the world, and we have patented several sensor and system-level solutions,” says Markku Lauttamus, Vision Systems Oy’s Sales Manager. “As special customer-specific solutions are a key part of our offering, the readiness to acquire individual items and short runs is of paramount importance to us.

In addition, the good ideas that are created on projects must be brought to market as quickly as possible. This is where Jotel Ltd comes into the picture,” Markku continues.

Solution-centric partnership

Jotel began working with Vision Systems in 2013 following strict screening. “Jotel offered the widest-ranging package under one roof,” Markku recalls. Nowadays, Jotel’s deliveries cover assemblies of camera modules and sensors, connecting boxes, and cable and conducting wire series, including assembly work. There are plans to expand the collaboration to direct deliveries.

Short run and prototype manufacturing calls for flexibility and the courage to step outside the comfort area. Individual items may be required for project products, and these will never be manufactured again. “As companies of a similar size, common operating models were identified quickly. Jotel has a genuine desire to develop its activities, and they are not afraid to give us direct feedback. The best thing is that Jotel combines the insights of product development and production engineers,” Markku says.

Vision Systems’ operations are constantly expanding into new sectors. “We hope that our collaboration with Jotel will grow along with our new endeavours. We believe that there will be even greater demand for our expertise in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions related to machine vision – it is our job to make things a reality!” Markku says.

Vision Systems Group:

Supplier of optical measurement and machine vision solutions
Several products of its own and represented products
Personnel: approx. 29, net sales: approx. EUR 2.5 million

Jotel Ltd

Electronics manufacturing services and contract manufacturing of automation cabinets

Personnel: approx. 40, net sales: approx. EUR 6,1 million