Jotel and Labkotec invest in long-term cooperation.

“The decisive factor in contract manufacturing is the overall quality of operations.”

Labkotec Oy, established in 1964, is a multitalented Finnish company renowned for its high quality in the field of measuring technology. The company’s product range covers all of the devices and methods required for electronic measurements of liquid surfaces and flows. Jotel Ltd has had a hand in Labkotec’s deliveries for three decades.

“My career has spanned more than 30 years, and in that time we have grown to become Europe’s leading supplier of oil separator alarms. In addition, we hold a strong market position in water supply automation systems and surface measurements for liquid fuels,” says Jarmo Numminen, Labkotec’s Production Manager. Nowadays, the company’s products are on every continent, literally from the ground up to the heavens. “Our expertise is needed on demanding measurement sites and explosive atmospheres in the municipal sector and in industry. Our ice detection technology for wind turbines has also proven its worth in compiling air weather observations in areas where freezing drizzle often occurs,” Jarmo says. Collaboration with Jotel began when Labkotec outsourced its manufacturing activities in the early 1990s. Jotel is still the largest of Labkotec’s contract manufacturers, both in terms of quantity and money.

“We purchase products such as central units, sensors and installation accessories from Jotel,” Jarmo mentions. The majority of the products are delivered with material responsibility, completely finished and assembled in accordance with the work instructions.

Moving forward together

Nowadays, changes are so rapid and significant that nobody can afford to stand still. Contract manufacturing must also undergo constant development. “For example, the production management for certain products was completely redesigned on the basis of my last supplier review. At the same time, I enquired whether Jotel had identified anything in our operations that could be developed, and we received good feedback,” Jarmo says. “As a result, we improved the efficiency, quality and reliability of contract manufacturing in every respect. This is precisely what every contract manufacturer should be able to do. In addition, it is easy for us to get things done because the distance is 25 kilometres, not 2,500,” Jarmo continues.

“We are satisfied with Jotel’s service, which is both adaptive and evolving. They stick to what has been agreed, both in terms of product quality and delivery times, as well as in the collaboration in general. Jotel deserves a special mention for its communication with its employees, which means that everybody always knows where they stand,” Jarmo says.

Labkotec believes in the power of long-term collaboration going forward. “We receive complaints very rarely, so things have been done right. We are not chasing quick gains – we are interested in sustainable development. Developing a shared company culture requires time, and it cannot be purchased. Labkotec’s principle has been to favour Finnish manufacturing and we will continue to do so in the future,” Jarmo says. The future looks bright.

Labkotec Oy

Finnish company specialising in electronic surface height and flow measurement devices and alarms, as well as automation and sensor technology and industrial internet solutions
Indutrade Group
Personnel: 55 in Finland, Germany and Sweden
Net sales: approximately EUR 10 million

Jotel Ltd

Electronics manufacturing services and contract manufacturing of automation cabinets

Personnel: approx. 40, net sales: approx. EUR 6,1 million